Engineering & Mass Customized Manufacturing Solutions for Innovative Brands, OEM & ODM.

We support innovative companies to design, engineer & manufacture commercially viable products that are durable, functional, and meet market demands.

Our Solutions

Design for Manufacturing


Cost Reduction Optimization

Design for Manufacturing

Management of New Product Introduction (NPI)

CTQ Documentation

Manufacturing with Full Scalability

How it works: 9 steps

1. Contact us to review your project

2. Initial Drawings Review & Quote

3. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

4. Drawings Revision

5. Prototype Fabrication

6. Tooling & Jig Design & Fabrication

7. Pilot Run (10 to 100 units)

8. Field test

9. Mass

Why us?

Manufacturing Scalability & Innovation Flexibility

Manufacturing scalability of a Large enterprise with the flexibility of a Medium Size enterprise

Efficient Execution System and State-of-the-Art IT System

High Level of control, automation, and real-time information

Vertically Integrated

Assembly Integration with In-House Components Manufacturing for cost & quality control with our trust manufacturing partner

Our expertise

Durable goods complex assemblies & finished products with high mix / medium volume

About Us

Since 2005, we provide innovatives brands manufacturing solutions for mass customized durable goods in Asia.

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